Virtual Mentored Learning


Upstream Petroleum Business Fundamentals with a Challenging Learning Simulation Game

  • February 4-March 15, 2019 click to enroll
  • May 13-June 21, 2019 click to enroll
  • September 23-October 31, 2019 click to enroll

For six weeks, the participants will learn the essence of the Upstream Petroleum Business in weekly sessions that include three hours of individual e-Learning and one hour online with an IHRDC virtual mentor, who discusses the weekly topics and introduces the IHRDC’s West Africa petroleum business simulation session assignments. Participants then go offline to analyze and make decisions during the simulated exploration and development of a challenging petroleum prospect. The results of the simulation game are announced during a final Mentor session.

SUBJECT AREA Petroleum Business
TARGET AUDIENCE Technical, commercial, and operations personnel who seek an in-depth understanding of the Upstream Sector of the petroleum industry: technology, economics, project development process, markets and how it contributes to the broader industry.
COMMITMENT 3-4 hours self-study and 1 hour online virtual mentored session per week for six continuous weeks.
LEARNING FORMATS e-Learning self-study, individual or team participation in a competitive simulation game with a virtual mentor
SIMULATION SCENARIO Individuals/teams explore, develop and produce a challenging petroleum exploration opportunity through 20 years of production. Best performing team wins the Team Prize.
LANGUAGE e-Learning courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese
PRICE US $750 per person
PRICE US $2,250 per Team (up to 5 Team Members)
DATES February 4-March 15, 2019
May 13-June 21, 2019
September 23-October 31, 2019
Program Content
    e-Learning   e-Learning
    Virtual Mentored Learning   Virtual Mentored Learning
    Simulation Game   Simulation Game
PRE-LEARNING   e-Learning   Upstream Oil and Gas Agreements
  e-Learning   Project Cash Flow Analysis
WEEK ONE   e-Learning Virtual Mentored Learning Petroleum Supply/Demand and Pricing
  Simulation Game   Introduction to Simulation Scenario; Select Concession or PSC Agreement
WEEK TWO   e-Learning Virtual Mentored Learning Petroleum Geology and the Exploration Process
  Simulation Game   Design and Interpret Seismic Surveys; Identify Prospects
WEEK THREE   e-Learning Virtual Mentored Learning Drilling and Well Completions
  Simulation Game   Drill Exploration and Appraisal Wells
WEEK FOUR   e-Learning Virtual Mentored Learning Resource Estimation and Oilfield Development Planning
  Simulation Game   Field Development: Design Surface and Subsurface Facilities
WEEK FIVE   e-Learning Virtual Mentored Learning Marketing and Trading of Crude Oil
  Simulation Game   Select Crude Oil Marketing Options; Submit Development Decision
WEEK SIX   Simulation Game Virtual Mentored Learning Mentor Summary of Petroleum Simulation Game Results