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LNG Value Chain and Markets
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This course covers the LNG value chain, from gas supply to liquefaction, ship transportation and receiving/regasification terminals, and the processes/facilities required in each sector. The economics of a special LNG case study are presented to show the typical economics of a project. You will learn the price that must be charged for LNG delivered into a distant market, considering capital and operating costs and the impact of the revenues received for the hydrocarbon liquids produced and sold with the gas. The course also contains a summary of the historical LNG market development, including the major exporters and importers, and the various regional market prices of LNG.
Duration: Course Code:
1 hour 30 minutes IHRDC_PO_I15
After completing this module, you will be able to:
  • Recognize LNG, its measurement and calculate its conversion to gas equivalent
  • Identify the processes/facilities required in each sector of the LNG value chain
  • Identify the economics of an LNG project and the global LNG markets
  • Recall the regions in the world where the highest volume of market trade occurs
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Price: US$125.00

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