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Driving Safety
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The purpose of this unit is to give trainees a general understanding of driving safety. At the conclusion of this unit, trainees will have a basic understanding of the general circumstances that cause vehicle accidents, the role of defensive driving and space management in preventing accidents, the importance of the mental and physical condition of the driver, and how proper vehicle maintenance and use of the car's safety features can minimize or prevent accidents.
Duration: Course Code:
45 minutes IHRDC_OM_BBDRS
  • Understanding Motor Vehicle Accidents
    • Typical factors in motor vehicle accidents; The difference between "not at fault" and "accident-free"
  • Defensive Driving
    • Defensive driving defined; Delayed start; Changing lanes on a highway
    • Space management defined; Managing space in front; Managing space to the side and rear; Space management when not moving
  • Condition of the Driver
    • Frustration and anger; Rushing; Distracted; Drowsy; Alcohol
  • Vehicle Condition and Safety Features
    • Condition of the vehicle; Safety belts; Air bags; Antilock braking systems
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Price: US$60.00

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