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Basic Refinery Operations
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Refineries produce many different types of products for a variety of uses. For instance, refineries produce gasoline for automobiles and fuel for heating purposes. Although no single refinery produces all types of products, many refineries produce more than one type of product. This course examines the functions of refinery systems and equipment and describes the role of operators in refinery operations.
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  • Refineries
    • Refinery Definitions and Workflows
  • Refinery Equipment
    • Furnace And Distillation Process Systems
      • Fundamentals of Furnace Systems and Distillation Systems
    • Reactor Process Systems
      • Overview of Reactor Process Systems
    • Refinery Instrumentation
      • Process Variables in Refineries and its relationship with the Process Control System
    • Refinery Operations
      • Refinery Operators
      • Safety Equipment and Practices in Refineries
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Price: US$60.00

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