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e-Learning Solutions

Table of Contents


Math & Science


Basic Principles of Chemistry 1 (IHRDC_OM_AOCB1) 1
Basic Principles of Chemistry 2 (IHRDC_OM_AOCB2) 2
Gases and Flowing Liquids (IHRDC_OM_AOPGF) 3
Heat Transfer (IHRDC_OM_AOPHT) 5
Material Balancing (IHRDC_OM_AOCMB) 6
Reaction Rates (IHRDC_OM_AOCRR) 7
Solids and Liquids (IHRDC_OM_AOPSL) 8
Inorganic Chemistry (IHRDC_OM_LTINC) 9
Aliphatic Chemistry (IHRDC_OM_LTALC) 10
Aromatic Chemistry (IHRDC_OM_LTARC) 11


Basics of Math (IHRDC_OM_AMMBA) 12
Basic Mathematical Operations 1 (IHRDC_OM_AOIB1) 13
Basic Mathematical Operations 2 (IHRDC_OM_AOIB2) 14
Algebra (IHRDC_OM_AOIAL) 15
Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal Numbers (IHRDC_OM_ACLNU) 16
Boolean Algebra, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_ELBOA1) 17
Boolean Algebra, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_ELBOA2) 18
Boolean Algebra, Part 3 (IHRDC_OM_ELBOA3) 19
Formulas, Graphs, and Trends (IHRDC_OM_AOIFC) 20
Unit Conversion and Scientific Notation (IHRDC_OM_LTLT1) 21
Calculations in Chemical Solutions (IHRDC_OM_LTLT2) 22
Statistical Analysis for Laboratory Technicians (IHRDC_OM_LTLT3) 23


Basic Principles of Physics (IHRDC_OM_AOPBP) 24
Forces and Machines (IHRDC_OM_AOPLM) 25
Power and Energy (IHRDC_OM_AOPPE) 26
Fluid Systems (IHRDC_OM_AOPFS) 27

O&M Fundamentals

Operations Fundamentals

Basic Operator Responsibilities (IHRDC_OM_OTBOR) 28
Advanced Operator Responsibilities (IHRDC_OM_OTAOR) 29
Basic Refinery Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROBRO) 30
Refining Basics (IHRDC_OM_ROREB) 31
Preparation in Process Operations (IHRDC_OM_AOOPR) 32
Basic Troubleshooting in Process Operations (IHRDC_OM_AOPOB) 33
Communication in Process Operations (IHRDC_OM_AOOCO) 34
Implementation and Evaluation of Equipment (IHRDC_OM_AOOIE) 35
Introduction to Operator Responsibilities (IHRDC_OM_AOOTC) 36
Obtaining Samples (IHRDC_OM_AOPOS) 37
Plant Production and Safety (IHRDC_OM_AOOPP) 38
Process Examples (IHRDC_OM_AOPOP) 39
Testing Samples (IHRDC_OM_AOPTS) 40
Trends, Maintenance, and Emergencies (IHRDC_OM_AOOIM) 41

Drawings and Diagrams

Basic Diagrams and Symbols 1 (IHRDC_OM_AODB1) 42
Basic Diagrams and Symbols 2 (IHRDC_OM_AODB2) 43
Blueprints (IHRDC_OM_AEDBL) 44
Electrical Diagrams (IHRDC_OM_AEDEL) 45
Flow and Electrical Diagrams (IHRDC_OM_AODUF) 46
Industrial Process Systems (IHRDC_OM_AEDPR) 47
Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (IHRDC_OM_AODUI) 48


AC Circuits (IHRDC_OM_AEEAC) 49
Basic Electrical Circuits (IHRDC_OM_AOPBC) 50
Basic Electrical Principles (IHRDC_OM_AOPBE) 51
Basic Electrical Test Equipment (IHRDC_OM_ACCBE) 52
Basic Electricity Review (IHRDC_OM_AEBER) 53
Sources of Electricity (IHRDC_OM_ELSOE) 54
Voltage and Current Principles (IHRDC_OM_ELVAC) 55

Power and Steam Systems

Power Generation and Hydrogen Cooling (IHRDC_OM_AOPGE) 56
The Steam Cycle (IHRDC_OM_AOPSC) 57

Process Control

Basic Control Charts (IHRDC_OM_AOSBC) 58
Introduction to Process Control (IHRDC_OM_ACCIN ) 59
Introduction to Statistical Process Control (IHRDC_OM_AOSIN) 60
Process Dynamics and Measurement (IHRDC_OM_AOPPD) 61
Process Variations (IHRDC_OM_AOSPV) 62


Introduction to Hand Tools (IHRDC_OM_AMTIH) 63
Introduction to Power Tools (IHRDC_OM_AMTIP) 64
Precision Measurement Instruments (IHRDC_OM_AMTMI) 65



Environmental Protection

Air Pollution (IHRDC_OM_AOEAP) 66
Pollution Control in Plants (IHRDC_OM_AOOSP) 67
Water Pollution and Waste Disposal (IHRDC_OM_AOEWP) 68

Hazardous Waste Operations

Introduction to Hazardous Waste Operations (IHRDC_OM_BBWOP) 69
Hazard Communication (IHRDC_OM_BBHAC) 70
Hazardous Waste First Responder - Awareness (IHRDC_OM_BBHFR) 71

Refinery Operations

Emission Controls (IHRDC_OM_OTEMC) 72

Water Treatment

Wastewater 1 (IHRDC_OM_AOWT1) 73
Wastewater 2 (IHRDC_OM_AOWT2) 74
Water for Plant Systems 1 (IHRDC_OM_AOWW1) 75
Water for Plant Systems 2 (IHRDC_OM_AOWW2) 76


Chemical Safety

Chemical Health Hazards (IHRDC_OM_AMSHS) 77
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) (IHRDC_OM_BBMSD) 78
Safety Data Sheets (SDS) (IHRDC_OM_BBSDS) 79
Globally Harmonized System Overview (IHRDC_OM_BBGHS) 80


Bloodborne Pathogens (IHRDC_OM_BBBPA) 81
Hearing Conservation (IHRDC_OM_BBHCO) 82
Workplace Ergonomics (IHRDC_OM_BBWPE) 83


Quality Schemes



Introduction to Safety

Safety Basics (IHRDC_OM_AMSBA) 85
Safety Fundamentals in Power Plants (IHRDC_OM_AOPPF) 86
Safety Orientation (IHRDC_OM_BBSOR) 87

Electrical Safety

Introduction to Electrical Safety (IHRDC_OM_AMSEL) 88
Advanced Electrical Safety (IHRDC_OM_BBESA) 89
Electrostatic Discharge Precautions (IHRDC_OM_ELESD) 90

Fire Protection

Classes of Fires and Extinguishers (IHRDC_OM_BBCOF) 91
Fire Safety (IHRDC_OM_BBFSA) 92

Forklift Safety

Forklift Safety Checks (IHRDC_OM_BBFSC) 93
Safe Forklift Operation (IHRDC_OM_BBSFO) 94
Understanding Forklifts (IHRDC_OM_BBUFL) 95

Laboratory Safety

Introduction to Laboratory Safety (IHRDC_OM_BBLSA) 96
The Safe Lab Environment (IHRDC_OM_LTTSA) 97
Personal Safety for Lab Technicians (IHRDC_OM_LTPES) 98

Materials Handling and Storage

Tank Trucks (IHRDC_OM_AOMTT) 99
Transporting Hazardous Materials (IHRDC_OM_BBTHM) 100
Warning Signs and Labels (IHRDC_OM_BBWSL) 101

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment (IHRDC_OM_BBPPE) 102
Respirator Fit Testing (IHRDC_OM_BBRFT) 103
Respiratory Protection (IHRDC_OM_BBRPR) 104

Workplace Safety

Back Safety (IHRDC_OM_BBBBA) 105
Confined Space Entry (IHRDC_OM_BBCSE) 106
Driving Safety (IHRDC_OM_BBDRS) 107
Fall Protection (IHRDC_OM_BBFPR) 108
Ladders and Scaffolds (IHRDC_OM_AMRLS) 109
Lockout/Tagout (IHRDC_OM_BBLOT) 110




Boilers - Basic Principles and Types (IHRDC_OM_AOBBP) 111
Boilers - Combustion, Water, and Steam (IHRDC_OM_AOBOW) 112


Introduction to Compressors (IHRDC_OM_AOCIN) 113
Centrifugal Compressors (IHRDC_OM_AMCCC) 114
Operation of Centrifugal and Axial Compressors (IHRDC_OM_AOCOC) 115
Positive Displacement Compressors (IHRDC_OM_AOCPD) 116
Reciprocating Compressors (IHRDC_OM_AMCAC) 117
Types of Compressors - Centrifugal and Axial (IHRDC_OM_AOCCA) 118

Gears, Equipment Drive Components and Shaft Alignment

Drive Components, Couplings, and Clutches (IHRDC_OM_GMCOU) 119
Drive Component Operations (IHRDC_OM_AOEBP) 120
Gear, Belt, and Chain Drives (IHRDC_OM_AOEGB) 121
Gears - Overhauls (IHRDC_OM_AMGG1) 122
Gears - Types and Characteristics (IHRDC_OM_AMGG2) 123
Shaft Alignment - Fundamentals (IHRDC_OM_AMSAF) 124
Shaft Alignment - Reverse Dial and Laser (IHRDC_OM_AMSRD) 125
Shaft Alignment - Rim and Face (IHRDC_OM_AMSRF) 126

Hydraulic Systems

Hydraulic Actuators (IHRDC_OM_AHHAC) 127
Hydraulic Component Inspection and Replacement (IHRDC_OM_AHHCI) 128
Hydraulic Diagrams (IHRDC_OM_AHHDI) 129
Hydraulic Fluid and Reservoirs (IHRDC_OM_AHHFS) 130
Hydraulic Principles and Circuits (IHRDC_OM_AHHPC) 131
Hydraulic Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AHHPU) 132
Hydraulic Valves 1 (IHRDC_OM_AHHV1) 133
Hydraulic Valves 2 (IHRDC_OM_AHHV2) 134
Routine Maintenance of Hydraulic Systems (IHRDC_OM_AHHRM) 135
Troubleshooting of Hydraulic Systems (IHRDC_OM_AHHTR) 136

Lubrication and Bearings

Bearings - Fundamentals (IHRDC_OM_AMBIN) 137
Bearings - Rolling Contact (IHRDC_OM_AMBRB) 138
Bearings - Sliding Surface (IHRDC_OM_AMBSB) 139
Lubricants and Bearings (IHRDC_OM_AOELB) 140
Lubrication - Basics (IHRDC_OM_AMLBA) 141
Lubrication - Using Lubricants (IHRDC_OM_AOEUL) 142

Pipes, Piping and Auxiliaries

Pipes and Pipe Fittings (IHRDC_OM_AMPPP) 143
Piping - Basic Components and Functions (IHRDC_OM_AOPAB) 144
Piping - System Components and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AOPAS) 145
Special Calculations in Pipes (IHRDC_OM_AMPSC) 146
Flange Installation (IHRDC_OM_AMPIF) 147

Pumps and Seals

Centrifugal Pump Basics and Troubleshooting (IHRDC_OM_AMPC1) 148
Centrifugal Pump Overhaul (IHRDC_OM_AMPC2) 149
Multistage Centrifugal Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AMPMC) 150
Positive Displacement Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AMPPD) 151
Seals - Gaskets and Packing (IHRDC_OM_AMMSG) 152
Seals - Mechanical (IHRDC_OM_AMMES) 153


Basic Types and Operation of Valves 1 (IHRDC_OM_AOVB1) 154
Basic Types and Operation of Valves 2 (IHRDC_OM_AOVB2) 155
Safety Valves, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_AMPSV1) 156
Safety Valves, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_AMPSV2) 157
Valve Maintenance (IHRDC_OM_AMPV2) 158
Valve Types and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AMPV1) 159

Other Mechanical Activities

Arc Welding (IHRDC_OM_AEEDC) 160
Operations of Forklifts (IHRDC_OM_AMFOO) 161
Oxy-Fuel Gas Welding (IHRDC_OM_AMWIG) 162



Filter Circuits (IHRDC_OM_ELFIL) 163
J-K Flip-Flops (IHRDC_OM_ELJKF) 164
Parallel Circuits (IHRDC_OM_ELPAR) 165
Series Circuits (IHRDC_OM_ELSER) 166
Series-Parallel Circuits (IHRDC_OM_ELSPC) 167
Transistor Oscillators (IHRDC_OM_ELTRO) 168
Troubleshooting Electrical Circuits (IHRDC_OM_AEETA) 169
Troubleshooting Operational Amplifier Circuits (IHRDC_OM_ELTOA) 170
Use of Ohm's and Kirchhoff's Laws in DC Circuits (IHRDC_OM_ELOHK) 171

Electrical Components

Capacitors, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_ELCAP1) 172
Specialized Electronic Devices (IHRDC_OM_ICSED) 173
Capacitors, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_ELCAP2) 174
Inductors, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_ELIND1) 175
Inductors, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_ELIND2) 176
Operational Amplifiers, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_ICOA1) 177
Operational Amplifiers, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_ICOA2) 178
Transistor Configurations (IHRDC_OM_ELTRC) 180

Electrical Generation and Storage

AC Generator Maintenance (IHRDC_OM_EMACG) 181
Battery Systems (IHRDC_OM_AEETM) 182
Electrical Production and Distribution (IHRDC_OM_AOEEP) 183
Power Supplies (IHRDC_OM_ICPSU) 184

Electrical Theory

Kirchhoff's Law (IHRDC_OM_ELKIR) 185
Magnets and Magnetic Fields (IHRDC_OM_ELMAM) 186
Ohm's Law (IHRDC_OM_ELOHM) 187

Electrical Wiring

Cables and Conductors (IHRDC_OM_AEECC) 188
Conduit Installation (IHRDC_OM_AEECI) 189
Fasteners (IHRDC_OM_AEEFA) 190
Grounding (IHRDC_OM_ELGRD) 191
Introduction to the NEC (IHRDC_OM_AEEIN) 192
Splices and Terminations (IHRDC_OM_AESAT) 193


AC and DC Motors (IHRDC_OM_AOEAC) 194
DC Motors (IHRDC_OM_AEEDM) 195
Motor Branch Circuit Protection (IHRDC_OM_AEEMB) 196
Three Phase Motors (IHRDC_OM_AEETP) 197

Transformers, Breakers and Switches

Introduction to Transformers, Breakers, and Switches (IHRDC_OM_AOEBS) 198
Electromagnetic Relays (IHRDC_OM_ELELR) 199
Fuses (IHRDC_OM_ELFUS) 200
Ground Fault Interrupters (IHRDC_OM_ELGFI) 201
High-Voltage Breakers and Switchgear (IHRDC_OM_AECHV) 202
Maintenance of Low-Voltage Circuit Breakers (IHRDC_OM_AECLV) 203
Relays 1 (IHRDC_OM_TDRE1) 204
Relays 2 (IHRDC_OM_TDRE2) 205
Transformers (IHRDC_OM_ELTRS) 206

Instrumentation & Control

Actuator, Valve, and Motor Controllers

Introduction to Actuators (IHRDC_OM_AOVIA) 207
Electric and Hydraulic Actuators (IHRDC_OM_AOVEH) 208
Basic Functions of AC Motor Controllers (IHRDC_OM_AEEA1) 209
Motor Controllers and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AOEMC) 210
Motor Operators (IHRDC_OM_AMPMO) 211
Pneumatic Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPPC) 212
Principles of Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACCCO) 213
Smart Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACPSC) 214
Troubleshooting of AC Motor Controllers (IHRDC_OM_AEEA2) 215

Distributed Control Systems

Introduction to Distributed Control Systems (IHRDC_OM_ACPID) 216
Troubleshooting DCS I/Os: Practices (IHRDC_OM_ACPTP) 217
Troubleshooting DCS I/Os: Procedures (IHRDC_OM_ACPTD) 218

Field Device Configuration

Field Devices: Analog Configuration (IHRDC_OM_ACPCA) 219
Field Devices: Configuring with a Laptop PC (IHRDC_OM_ACPCL) 220
Field Devices: Digital Configuration with a DCS (IHRDC_OM_ACPCD) 221

Human-Machine Interface and Plant Protection Systems

The Human-Machine Interface (IHRDC_OM_ACCHM) 222
Human-Machine Interface and Troubleshooting (IHRDC_OM_ACLMT) 223
Plant Protection Equipment and Integrated Systems (IHRDC_OM_AOPPI) 224

Measurement Devices

Digital and Analog Oscilloscopes (IHRDC_OM_ACCDA) 225
Field Devices: Analyzers (IHRDC_OM_ACPAF) 226
Field Devices: Level and Flow (IHRDC_OM_ACPLF) 227
Field Devices: Pressure, Temperature, and Weight (IHRDC_OM_ACPPT) 228
Field Devices: Using Field Communicators (IHRDC_OM_ACPFC) 229
Introduction to Vibration Analysis (IHRDC_OM_AMVAI) 230
Measurement of Concentration (IHRDC_OM_AOIMC) 231
Measurement of Density, Clarity, and Moisture (IHRDC_OM_AOIDC) 232
Measurement of Level and Flow (IHRDC_OM_AOIML) 233
Measurement of Pressure and Temperature (IHRDC_OM_AOIMP) 234
Principles of Calibration (IHRDC_OM_ACCCA) 235


Fiber Optic Systems (IHRDC_OM_ACNFO) 236
Introduction to Control and Data Systems (IHRDC_OM_ACCIC) 237
Introduction to Networks (IHRDC_OM_ACNIN ) 238
Setting Up and Troubleshooting Networks (IHRDC_OM_ACNST ) 239

Process Control

Automatic Process Control 1 (IHRDC_OM_AOIA1) 240
Automatic Process Control 2 (IHRDC_OM_AOIA2) 241
Multiple Loop Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPML) 242
Principles of Process Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPCR) 243
Single Loop Control (IHRDC_OM_ACPSL) 244
Troubleshooting Loops (IHRDC_OM_ACPTS) 245
Tuning Loops (IHRDC_OM_ACPTL) 246

Programmable Logic Controllers

Architecture, Types, and Networks of PLCs (IHRDC_OM_ACLAT) 247
I/O Communication (IHRDC_OM_ACLIO) 248
Installing and Maintaining PLCs (IHRDC_OM_ACLIM) 249
Introduction to Digital Logic (IHRDC_OM_ACPTPL) 250
Introduction to Programming (IHRDC_OM_ACLIP) 251
Ladder Logic and Symbology (IHRDC_OM_ACLLL) 252
Program Entry, Testing, and Modification (IHRDC_OM_ACLPE) 253
Programming Common Functions (IHRDC_OM_ACLCF) 254
Troubleshooting Hardware (IHRDC_OM_ACLTH) 255
Troubleshooting Software and Networks (IHRDC_OM_ACLSN) 256

Variable Speed Drives

Applications of VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVDA) 257
Introduction to VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVSD) 258
Programming Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACVPC) 259
System Troubleshooting of VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVST) 260
Systems and Integration of VSDs (IHRDC_OM_ACVSI) 261
Troubleshooting VSD Controllers (IHRDC_OM_ACVCT) 262


Function-Specific Process Operations

Power Plant Operation

Basic Principles of Power Plant Operations (IHRDC_OM_AOOBP) 263

Refining Process Technologies

Alkylation Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROHFA) 264
Azeotropic, Extractive, and Vacuum Columns (IHRDC_OM_RCAEV) 265
Blending Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROBLO) 266
Crude Distillation Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROCDO) 267
Fluid Catalytic Cracking Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROFCC) 268
Hydrotreating and Catalytic Reforming 1 (IHRDC_OM_ROCRO) 269
Hydrotreating and Catalytic Reforming 2 (IHRDC_OM_ROSRO) 270
Process Reactor Fundamentals (IHRDC_OM_RCPRF) 271
Treating and Sulfur Recovery Operations (IHRDC_OM_ROTRO) 272
Typical Process Reactions, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_RCTPR1) 273
Typical Process Reactions, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_RCTPR2) 274

Laboratory Operations

Basic Lab Operations (IHRDC_OM_LTBAL) 275
Laboratory Glassware (IHRDC_OM_LTGLA) 276
Laboratory Hardware (IHRDC_OM_LTHAR) 277
Laboratory Robotics (IHRDC_OM_LTROB) 278
QA/QC in the Laboratory (IHRDC_OM_LTQCA) 279
Sample Preparation (IHRDC_OM_LTSAM) 280
Separation and Isolation of Materials (IHRDC_OM_LTSEI) 281
Weighing and Measuring Techniques (IHRDC_OM_LTWEM) 282

Analytical Chemistry Operations

Analytical Procedures (IHRDC_OM_LTANP) 283
Atomic Absorption (IHRDC_OM_LTATA) 284
Gas Chromatography (IHRDC_OM_LTGAS) 285
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (IHRDC_OM_LTHIP) 286
Infra-Red Analysis (IHRDC_OM_LTINA) 287
Ion Concentration Analysis (IHRDC_OM_LTIOC) 288
Mass Spectrometry (IHRDC_OM_LTMAS) 289
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (IHRDC_OM_LTNUM) 290
Optical Analysis (IHRDC_OM_LTOPA) 291
UV Visible Spectroscopy (IHRDC_OM_LTUVV) 292

Oil & Gas Process Operations

Basic and Heavy Lifting

Basic Lifting (IHRDC_OM_AMRLL) 293
Heavy Lifting (IHRDC_OM_AMRHL) 294
Overview of Rigging (IHRDC_OM_AMROV) 295


Abnormal Conditions and Emergencies (IHRDC_OM_AOBAC) 296
Combustion and Boiler Operation (IHRDC_OM_AOBCO) 297
Condensate and Feedwater Systems (IHRDC_OM_AOCFS) 298
Condenser and Circulating Water (IHRDC_OM_AOPPC) 299
Normal Operations of Boilers (IHRDC_OM_AOBNO) 300
Startup and Shutdown of Boilers (IHRDC_OM_AOBSS) 301
Water and Steam (IHRDC_OM_AOBWS) 302


Basic Distillation System Components and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AODBS) 303
Basic Principles of Distillation (IHRDC_OM_AODBP) 304
Distillation Control Systems (IHRDC_OM_AODCS) 305
Distillation Operating Problems (IHRDC_OM_AODOP) 306
Distillation System Startup and Shutdown (IHRDC_OM_AODSS) 307
Towers, Reboilers, and Condensers (IHRDC_OM_AODTR) 308


Introduction to Furnaces (IHRDC_OM_AOFIN) 309
Furnace Operating Conditions (IHRDC_OM_AOFOC) 310
Furnace Startup and Shutdown (IHRDC_OM_AOFSS) 311

Heat Exchangers

Introduction to Heat Exchangers (IHRDC_OM_AOHIN) 312
Condensers and Reboilers (IHRDC_OM_AOHCR) 313
Cooling Towers (IHRDC_OM_AOHCT) 314
Operation of Shell- and Tube-Type Heat Exchangers (IHRDC_OM_AOHOS) 315


Basic Pump Types and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AOPBT) 316
Fundamentals of Centrifugal Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AOPFC) 317
Operation of Centrifugal Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AOPOC) 318
Performance and Inspection of Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AOPER) 319
Reciprocating Positive Displacement Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AOPRE) 320
Rotary Positive Displacement Pumps (IHRDC_OM_AOPRP) 321

Refrigeration System

Basic Concepts of Refrigeration Systems (IHRDC_OM_AORBC) 322
Operations of Refrigeration Systems (IHRDC_OM_AOROP) 323
Refrigeration Systems, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_OTRS1) 324
Refrigeration Systems, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_OTRS2) 325

Storage Tank Operations

Above Ground Storage Tanks, Part 1 (IHRDC_OM_OTAGS1) 326
Above Ground Storage Tanks, Part 2 (IHRDC_OM_OTAGS2) 327
Above Ground Storage Tanks, Part 3 (IHRDC_OM_OTAGS3) 328

Turbines and Steam Systems

Bearings and Operation (IHRDC_OM_AOTBO) 329
Boiler and Turbine Protection (IHRDC_OM_AOPPB) 330
Steam Flow and Steam Turbines (IHRDC_OM_AOTSF) 331
Steam Systems (IHRDC_OM_AOPPS) 332
Steam Traps (IHRDC_OM_AMPST) 333

Other Systems and Equipment

Auxiliary Vessels (IHRDC_OM_OTAXV) 334
Filtration and Screening Unit Operations (IHRDC_OM_RCFSU) 336
Flaring, Venting, and Purging (IHRDC_OM_OTFVP) 337
Fundamentals of Process Solubility (IHRDC_OM_OTFPS) 338
Material Handling of Bulk Liquids (IHRDC_OM_OTMHB) 339
Portable and Emergency Equipment (IHRDC_OM_OTPEE) 340

Gas Treatment and Processing

Gas Operations Fundamentals

Basic Principles of Pressure and Temperature (IHRDC_VLO_OP110) 341
Heat Exchanger Principles (IHRDC_VLO_OP960) 342
Gas Processing Utilities and Systems (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPUT006) 343
Inlets System (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPIN011) 344
Liquids Product Storage (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPPS012) 345

Introduction to Gas Processing

Principles of Gas Processing (IHRDC_VLO_OP610) 346
Gas Processing Systems (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPGE005) 347
Gas Recovery Systems (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPGR008) 348
Refrigeration Systems (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPRE013) 349

Condensate Separation

Production Separator Principles (IHRDC_VLO_OP410) 350
Condensate Stabilization (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPCS003) 351

Gas Compression

Reciprocating Compressor Principles (IHRDC_VLO_OP650) 352
Reciprocating Compressor Operation (IHRDC_VLO_OP651) 353
Centrifugal Compressor Principles (IHRDC_VLO_OP660) 354
Compression Overview (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPCO002) 355
Feed Gas Chilling (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPFG007) 356

Gas Treatment (removal of CO2 & H2S)

Amine System Overview (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPAS001) 357
Principles of Amine Sweetening (IHRDC_VLO_OP640) 358
Amine Sweetening Unit Operation (IHRDC_VLO_OP641) 359
Blinding (IHRDC_VLO_OP240) 360

Gas Dehydration

Principles of Glycol Dehydration (IHRDC_VLO_OP620) 361
Glycol Dehydration Unit Operation (IHRDC_VLO_OP621) 362
Glycol Dehydration Systems Overview (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPGD009) 363
Glycol Regeneration System Overview (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPGR010) 364

Gas Processing (separation of NGLs)

Cryogenic Process Principles (IHRDC_VLO_OP670) 365
Deethanization (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPDE004) 366

Gas and NGL Sampling, Metering and Transfer

Orifice Meter Station Fundamentals (IHRDC_VLO_OP510) 367
Orifice Meter Station Operations/Maintenance (IHRDC_VLO_OP520) 368
NGL Measurement I: Gas Liquids and Metering (IHRDC_VLO_OP530) 369
NGL Measurement II: Methods for Measurement (IHRDC_VLO_OP540) 370
Natural Gas and NGL Sampling (IHRDC_VLO_OP550) 371
Electronic Flow Measurement (IHRDC_VLO_OP560) 372
Gas Metering and Custody Transfer (task focused) (IHRDC_SMT_GPSG014) 373

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