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Petroleum Geology

Introduction and Overview

Fundamentals of Petroleum Geology (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38098) 1
Hydrocarbon Properties (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37993) 2
Subsurface Environment (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38405) 3
Reservoirs (IHRDC_IPIMS_t34) 4
Hydrocarbon Generation and Migration (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39285) 5
Traps (IHRDC_IPIMS_t35) 6
Habitat of Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Basins (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36) 7

Basic Skills of the Petroleum Geologist

Geologic Cross-Sections (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37) 8
Subsurface Mapping (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38) 9
Prospect Generation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39) 10

Reservoir Geology

Nonmarine Sandstone Reservoirs (IHRDC_IPIMS_t49) 11
Shelf Marine Sandstone Reservoirs (IHRDC_IPIMS_t51) 12
Marginal Marine Sandstone Reservoirs (IHRDC_IPIMS_t50) 13
Deepwater Marine Sandstone Reservoirs (IHRDC_IPIMS_t2613) 14
Porosity Evolution in Sandstone Reservoirs (IHRDC_IPIMS_t52) 15
Exploration in Carbonate Rocks (IHRDC_IPIMS_t53) 16
Porosity Evolution in Carbonate Rocks (IHRDC_IPIMS_t54) 17
Evaporites and their Role in Petroleum Exploration (IHRDC_IPIMS_t55) 18
Basic Geostatistics (IHRDC_IPIMS_t23340) 19

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Subsurface Facies Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t48) 20
Classic Sequence Stratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_t56) 21
Stratigraphic Disciplines and Sequence Stratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37151) 22
Micropaleontology for Petroleum Exploration (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36879) 23
Chronostratigraphy and Microfossils (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36880) 24
Chemostratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37415) 25
Ongoing Development in Biostratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36881) 26
Magnetostratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37005) 27
Geochronological Dating Techniques (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37181) 28

Structure, Tectonics and Rock Deformation

Petroleum Geomechanics (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38537) 29
Structural Geology (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37865) 30
Plate Tectonics and Sedimentary Basins (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38315) 31
Divergent Margins and Rift Basins (IHRDC_IPIMS_t59) 32
Convergent Margin Basins (IHRDC_IPIMS_t60) 33


Introduction to Petroleum Chemistry (IHRDC_IPIMS_t61) 34
Applications of Petroleum Geochemistry (IHRDC_IPIMS_t62) 35

Petroleum Technology for the Non-Engineer

Drilling and Well Completion (IHRDC_IPIMS_t40) 36
Production Technology (IHRDC_IPIMS_t41) 37
Reservoir Management (IHRDC_IPIMS_t993) 38
Geosteering: Fundamentals, Planning, and Implementation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36018) 39

Basin and Play Analysis

Basin Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t64) 40
Play Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t65) 41

Surface Tools and Methods

Photogeology and Remote Sensing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t63) 42
Geographical Information Systems (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36166) 43

Petroleum Geophysics

Introductory Topics and Seismic Signals

Fundamentals of Exploration Geophysics (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37759) 44
Waveform to Geologic Model (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37918) 45
Signal Theory (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38060) 46
Seismic Pulse (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38289) 47
Seismic Reflection (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38376) 48

Seismic Instruments and Field Techniques

Introduction to Field Work (IHRDC_IPIMS_t72) 49
Surveying and Mapping on Land (IHRDC_IPIMS_t75) 50
Positioning and Mapping at Sea (IHRDC_IPIMS_t76) 51
Multiple Coverage (IHRDC_IPIMS_t77) 52
Array Design (IHRDC_IPIMS_t78) 53
Vibroseis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t79) 54
Choosing the Field Variables (IHRDC_IPIMS_t80) 55
Quality Control in the Field (IHRDC_IPIMS_t81) 56
Multicomponent Seismic Applications (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6105) 57

Seismic Processing

Basic Processing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36504) 58
Initial Processes (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36535) 59
Velocities (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36565) 60
Static Corrections (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36726) 61
Deconvolution (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36653) 62
Multiple Attenuation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37611) 63
Stacking, Filtering and Display (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36607) 64
Seismic Migration (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36616) 65
Synthetic Seismogram Modeling (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37216) 66

Seismic Interpretation

Basic Seismic Interpretation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38736) 67
Fault Interpretation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38868) 68
Seismic Contouring (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39020) 69
Velocity Interpretation and Depth Conversion (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39106) 70
Hydrocarbon Indicators (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39389) 71
Seismic Stratigraphic Modeling (IHRDC_IPIMS_t95) 72

3-D Seismic and Time-Lapse Methods

3-D and 4-D Seismic (IHRDC_IPIMS_t23455) 73

Borehole Geophysics and Non-Seismic Methods

Gravity and Magnetics (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38500) 74
Controlled Source Electromagnetic Methods (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37435) 75
Crosswell Seismology (IHRDC_IPIMS_t5600) 76
Vertical Seismic Profiles (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6365) 77
Other Geophysical Techniques (IHRDC_IPIMS_t996) 78
Microseismic Studies of Reservoirs (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37056) 79

Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Production Performance

Fluid Flow and the Production System (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38341) 80
Artificial Lift Methods (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37801) 81

Production Equipment and Operations

Wellheads, Flow Control Equipment and Flowlines (IHRDC_IPIMS_t110) 82
Fluid Separation and Treatment (IHRDC_IPIMS_t111) 83
Oilfield Safety (IHRDC_IPIMS_t113) 84
Cased Hole Logging (IHRDC_IPIMS_t114) 85
Intelligent Completions (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36209) 86
Overview of Rigless Well Intervention (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38106) 87
Electric Line Well Intervention (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38206) 88
Slickline Well Intervention (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38011) 89
Coiled Tubing Well Intervention (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38235) 90

Drilling Engineering

Well Planning (IHRDC_IPIMS_t115) 91
Drill String Components (IHRDC_IPIMS_t116) 92
Drill Bits (IHRDC_IPIMS_t983) 93
Drilling Fluids and the Circulating System (IHRDC_IPIMS_t117) 94
Directional and Horizontal Drilling (IHRDC_IPIMS_t118) 95
Underbalanced Drilling (IHRDC_IPIMS_t23393) 96
Drilling Problems and Drilling Optimization (IHRDC_IPIMS_t119) 97

Production Facilities Design

Oil Systems and Equipment (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6433) 98
Gas Systems and Equipment (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6434) 99
Water Systems and Equipment (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6435) 100
Utility Systems and Equipment (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6436) 101
Instrumentation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6437) 102
Platform and Structural Design Considerations (IHRDC_IPIMS_t6438) 103

Well Completion and Stimulation

Basic Completion Design and Practices (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38755) 104
Cementing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37656) 105
Completion Equipment (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39209) 106
Perforating (IHRDC_IPIMS_t122) 107
Acidizing and Other Chemical Treatments (IHRDC_IPIMS_t123) 108
Hydraulic Fracturing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38524) 109
Sand Control (IHRDC_IPIMS_t125) 110
Horizontal Wells: Completion and Evaluation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t126) 111

Reservoir Engineering

Fundamentals of Reservoir Engineering (IHRDC_IPIMS_t986) 112
Reservoir Environments and Characterization (IHRDC_IPIMS_t984) 113
Improved Recovery Processes (IHRDC_IPIMS_t987) 114
Reservoir Modeling and Reserves Evaluation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t989) 115
Issues in Reservoir Management (IHRDC_IPIMS_t991) 116

Offshore Operations

Offshore Production Facilities (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36282) 117
Deepwater Drilling (IHRDC_IPIMS_t36797) 118

Petroleum Economic Analysis and Fundamentals

Energy Project Economics and Risk Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t37308) 119
Risk Analysis Applied to Petroleum Investments (IHRDC_IPIMS_t142) 120

Other Petroleum Engineering Topics

Natural Gas Fluid Properties (IHRDC_IPIMS_t141) 121
Oil and Gas Pipelines (IHRDC_IPIMS_t5723) 122
Integrated Reservoir Characterization (IHRDC_IPIMS_t5858) 123

Formation Evaluation

Well Logging

Overview of Formation Evaluation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38928) 124
Logging Equipment and Operational Procedures (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38993) 125
Well Logging Tools and Techniques (IHRDC_IPIMS_t29948) 126
Well Log Interpretation (IHRDC_IPIMS_t26) 127
Dipmeter Surveys (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38387) 128
Borehole Imaging (IHRDC_IPIMS_t5610) 129

Well Testing and Analysis

Fundamentals of Well Testing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t127) 130
Gas Well Testing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t128) 131
Oil Well Testing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t129) 132
Drillstem Testing (IHRDC_IPIMS_t130) 133
Advanced Pressure Transient Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t24035) 134

Rock and Fluid Sampling and Analysis

Fluid Sampling and Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t999) 135
Coring (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39073) 136
Core Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_t39265) 137
Sampling and Analysis of Drilled Cuttings (IHRDC_IPIMS_t29) 138
Mud Logging (IHRDC_IPIMS_t997) 139



Introduction to Unconventional Resources (IHRDC_IPIMS_t38835) 140

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