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Basin Analysis

Sedimentology (IHRDC_IPIMS_a480) 1
Sequence Stratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_a481) 2
Seismic Sequence Stratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_a482) 3
Biostratigraphy (IHRDC_IPIMS_a483) 4
Petroleum Geochemistry (IHRDC_IPIMS_a484) 5

Dynamics of Deformation

Tectonics (IHRDC_IPIMS_a521) 6
Structural Geology (IHRDC_IPIMS_a522) 7
Rock Properties and Mechanics (IHRDC_IPIMS_a520) 8

Surface Geology and Reconnaissance

Surface Geology (IHRDC_IPIMS_a560) 9
Remote Sensing (IHRDC_IPIMS_a562) 10
Geodetic Coordinate Systems (IHRDC_IPIMS_a563) 11
Magnetostratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy, and Radiometric Dating (IHRDC_IPIMS_a561) 12
Gravity, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Exploration Methods (IHRDC_IPIMS_a564) 13

Seismic Methods

Seismic Data Acquisition (IHRDC_IPIMS_a600) 14
Geophysical Instrumentation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a601) 15
Seismic Survey Design (IHRDC_IPIMS_a607) 16
Seismic Data Processing (IHRDC_IPIMS_a602) 17
Wellbore Seismic (IHRDC_IPIMS_a603) 18
2-D Seismic Interpretation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a604) 19
3-D Seismic Interpretation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a606) 20
Seismic Attributes and Direct Hydrocarbon Indicators (DHI) (IHRDC_IPIMS_a608) 21

Reservoir Description and Characterization

Petrophysical Evaluation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a640) 22
Interpretation of Well Logs (IHRDC_IPIMS_a641) 23
Reservoir Geology (IHRDC_IPIMS_a642) 24
Reservoir Geophysics (IHRDC_IPIMS_a643) 25
Exploration Geostatistics (IHRDC_IPIMS_a644) 26

Wellsite Geological Operations

Geological Operations and Logistics (IHRDC_IPIMS_a680) 27
Data Logging and Geological Information (IHRDC_IPIMS_a682) 28
Exploratory and Delineation Drilling (IHRDC_IPIMS_a681) 29

Exploration Project Management

Exploration Process (IHRDC_IPIMS_a725) 30
Project Economics, Risk, and Uncertainty Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_a724) 31
Value of Information (IHRDC_IPIMS_a723) 32
Exploration Business Management (IHRDC_IPIMS_a722) 33
Exploration Project Management (IHRDC_IPIMS_a720) 34

Corporate Exploration Planning and Management

Strategic Scenario Planning and Business Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_a761) 35
Exploration Project Best Practices and Procedures (IHRDC_IPIMS_a762) 36
Corporate Portfolio Management (IHRDC_IPIMS_a763) 37
Portfolio Performance Optimization (IHRDC_IPIMS_a764) 38
Environmental Impact Evaluation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a760) 39

Reservoir Management

Reservoir Engineering Fundamentals

Reservoir Rock and Fluid Properties (IHRDC_IPIMS_a1) 40
Rock Mechanics Fundamentals (IHRDC_IPIMS_a2) 41
Stability and Rock Deformation Models (IHRDC_IPIMS_a3) 42
Reservoir Drive Mechanisms (IHRDC_IPIMS_a4) 43
Multidisciplinary Reservoir Management (IHRDC_IPIMS_a6) 44

Well Logging and Subsurface Mapping

Interdisciplinary Data Acquisition (IHRDC_IPIMS_a121) 45
Wireline Well Logging (IHRDC_IPIMS_a122) 46
Well Log Quality Control (IHRDC_IPIMS_a123) 47
Well Log Interpretation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a124) 48
Subsurface Mapping (IHRDC_IPIMS_a125) 49
Reserves Definitions, Reporting, and Mapping (IHRDC_IPIMS_a126) 50

Reservoir Characterization and Modeling

Compaction and Subsidence (IHRDC_IPIMS_a127) 51
Pressure/Production Data Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_a128) 52
Flow Unit Determination (IHRDC_IPIMS_a129) 53
Reservoir Simulation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a130) 54

Reservoir Surveillance

Data Acquisition (IHRDC_IPIMS_a161) 55
Geologic/Seismic Integration (IHRDC_IPIMS_a162) 56
Geological Model Updating (IHRDC_IPIMS_a163) 57
Petrophysical Model Updating (IHRDC_IPIMS_a164) 58
Reservoir Model Updating (IHRDC_IPIMS_a165) 59

Reservoir Development Strategies

Economic Evaluation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a201) 60
Permitting for Well Operations (IHRDC_IPIMS_a202) 61
Health, Safety, and Environment (IHRDC_IPIMS_a203) 62
Reservoir Management and Control (IHRDC_IPIMS_a204) 63
Improved Recovery (IHRDC_IPIMS_a205) 64

Reservoir Management Practices

Implementation of Reservoir Development Strategies (IHRDC_IPIMS_a206) 65
Reservoir Surveillance and Control (IHRDC_IPIMS_a208) 66
Contracts (IHRDC_IPIMS_a209) 67

Drilling and Well Completion

Drilling, Workover and Well Servicing

Well Planning (IHRDC_IPIMS_a41) 68
Well Completion Design (IHRDC_IPIMS_a42) 69
Drilling and Workover Fluids (IHRDC_IPIMS_a43) 70
Drilling and Workover Hydraulics (IHRDC_IPIMS_a44) 71
Cementing (IHRDC_IPIMS_a45) 72
Directional, Horizontal, and Multilateral Wells (IHRDC_IPIMS_a46) 73

Drilling and Well Completion Practices

Initial Well Planning (IHRDC_IPIMS_a241) 74
Well Design (IHRDC_IPIMS_a242) 75
Drilling Program Planning and Implementation (IHRDC_IPIMS_a243) 76
Drilling Operations (IHRDC_IPIMS_a244) 77
Well Completion Operations (IHRDC_IPIMS_a245) 78

Production Engineering and Operations

Production Fundamentals

Production Methods (IHRDC_IPIMS_a81) 79
Production Optimization (IHRDC_IPIMS_a82) 80
Production Facilities (IHRDC_IPIMS_a83) 81
Well Testing (IHRDC_IPIMS_a84) 82

Production and Operating Practices

Flowing Well Performance and Production System Analysis (IHRDC_IPIMS_a281) 83
Artificial Lift Methods (IHRDC_IPIMS_a282) 84
Well Stimulation and Sand Control (IHRDC_IPIMS_a283) 85
Workover Planning and Operations (IHRDC_IPIMS_a284) 86
Surface Production Operations (IHRDC_IPIMS_a285) 87

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