Development of Unconventional Gas and Gas Liquids Projects


May 5 – 9, 2014


This five-day program is devoted to the development of unconventional gas resources with a focus on tight gas and shale gas opportunities. Participants will learn the fundamentals and business aspects of each stage of the development process through lectures and participation in a Marcellus shale business simulation game. Participants will also gain an understanding of the technical, economic, commercial, financial, and regulatory considerations that must be integrated to successfully develop an unconventional gas resource.


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This program is ideally suited for those seeking an comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of unconventional gas resources and the steps necessary to manage a project from concept to field wide development. Participants may come from many different backgrounds such as technology, management, regulatory, finance, and operations.


  • David A.T. Donohue, PhD, JD
  • Charles Brankman, PhD
  • Y. Serdar Dogulu, PhD
  • William E. Roach, PE