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IHRDC - International Human Resources Development Corporation

A Worldwide Leader in Oil and Gas Training - Since 1969

Instructional Programs

Learning Simulations

Turn Learning into a Challenging and Enjoyable Experience with IHRDC’s Innovative Learning Simulation Games

Adults learn best from each other rather than from a lecturer…when they are actively engaged in the learning process…when they are dealing with challenging assignments – the more real, the better… and…when solutions to assignments have practical and immediate application and value.

IHRDC began building Learning Simulation (LSIM) Games in the late 1980’s to apply the Principles of Adult Learning to all IHRDC offerings. From that point onward, IHRDC revised its instructional program design to include team participation in a "Serious" Learning Simulation Game for about 50% of the learning time. The typical response of the participants was and continues to be "remarkable".

IHRDC'S 25 Generic LSIM Games

IHRDC has developed 25 Learning Simulation Games along the full oil and gas value chain. In the process, we built a comprehensive LSIM “Toolkit” of resources: models, correlations, and web-enabled, graphical interfaces for technical, financial and economic analyses, that make the design and development of custom programs much faster to prepare.

Building Company-Specific LSIM Programs

IHRDC's oil and gas business simulation games mirror realistic project scenarios – reflecting accurate project management challenges along the oil and gas value chain. Clients select their proprietary "Scenario" which we then integrate with the IHRDC LSIM Toolkit and build company-specific Learning Simulation Games.

  • Multidisciplinary onboarding programs for new employees
  • Advanced E&P stage-gate project management "capstone" program for offshore fields
  • Gas business fundamentals along the natural gas value chain
  • Independent power project development program
  • Unconventional oil project development program
  • Crude oil and natural gas pipeline project development
  • LNG project development and import terminal design
  • Integrated Midstream gas processing, refining, and petrochemicals projects
  • E&P development and production workflows for geoscientists
  • Offshore production facilities design program
  • Waterflood project design and implementation program

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