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Content Overview

Petroleum Online consists of 18 courses that clearly explain the dynamic drivers of the business of oil and gas through the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors.

Industry Overview

This course covers the full oil and gas value chains. It is a broad and comprehensive introduction to the industry, and offers an ideal starting point for learners.

Upstream Oil & Gas

Six courses are devoted to the challenging Upstream Sector of the industry - how oil and gas is found, produced and supplied to world markets. They begin with the negotiation of host country agreements, which are necessary to obtain access to exploration blocks, and continue through exploration and field development of both oil and gas fields, to the sale of crude and natural gas into the wholesale market.

Midstream Oil & Gas

Seven courses cover the important Midstream Sector of the industry - the transportation and processing of oil and gas into products that meet market standards. The oil course covers, crude transportation and storage. The four gas courses explore different types of gas processing, transportation, storage, and markets, including NGL, LNG, pipelines, and load balancing. The final two courses cover important aspects of the oil and gas value chain: refining and the production of petrochemicals.

Downstream Oil & Gas

Two courses are devoted to the Downstream Sector of the industry - the end product markets. One covers the marketing and sale of petroleum products, and the other the distribution and sale of natural gas.

Business Games

Two challenging business game courses devoted to the integrated oil and gas industry. One covers the oil value chain, and the other the gas value chain.

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