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Petroleum Online is a comprehensive series of e-Learning courses that provide an in-depth overview of each sector of the international oil and gas industry. It is easily accessible on the web and designed to make learning both challenging and enjoyable. The learning media is all-inclusive: engaging video introduces key concepts, illustrative graphics surround the text and challenging assessments internalize learning. The courses follow the Oil Value Chain or the Gas Value Chain, so learners can gain a complete understanding of the industry in an organized manner.


This series is suitable for anyone associated with the energy sector who wishes to expand his/her understanding of the oil and gas industry. It has broad appeal, from entry-level personnel to board members, who are seeking a more expansive perspective of the industry.

Key Features

Each course contains the following:

  • Approximately two hours of learning
  • Extensively illustrated text and graphics
  • Video and flash segments to enhance learning
  • Audio and other engaging, interactive elements
  • Review questions and challenging assessments to test comprehension
  • Individual reporting system to record progress and performance
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