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IHRDC - International Human Resources Development Corporation

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e-Learning Solutions

e-Learning Pathways

IHRDC's e-Learning Pathways enable learners to progress in their training from foundational industry knowledge, to generalized functional training, and finally to industry segment-specific learning. By following these plans, learners can achieve the required level of competency to better perform their jobs.

As the premier organization in Competency Management in the Oil & Gas Industry, IHRDC has experience bringing custom developed Competency based programs to companies around the world, exceeding our client's expectations with top-quality service delivery and professional results.

Pathways applies this same methodology to e-Learning by providing custom programs for specific job roles in the Oil & Gas sector. By aligning learning plans to job roles, this means employees learn only what they need to prepare them to perform their job, no more, no less.

Stage I: Foundation Training provides the background learning required for all new oil and gas personnel.

Stage II: Functional Training Pathways are divided into four pathways, one for each functional area.

Stage III: Industry Sector Training Pathways provide a deeper knowledge of a specific area of the oil and gas industry.


This series is designed for personnel in the following areas:

  • - Operations & Maintenance
  • - Exploration & Production Development

Time and Availability

Each Pathway provides approximately 167 hours of learning and is available for one year after purchase.

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