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e-Learning Solutions

The Process

1 - Assessment

  • Access provided through web-based browser based on user role
  • Each user assigned standard competency model
  • Individual assesses his skills against each competency unit
  • Supervisors and assessors ensure assesments are accurate and objective


2 - Gap Analysis and Planning

  • Employees can review their individual competency profiles, supervisors can see employees'
  • Users build a learning plan by selecting and prioritizing competency development activities
  • Training has been pre-matched to job level requirements in each competency unit
  • Users can add or subtract from training match-up to create a customized plan


3 - Learning and Development

  • Course match-ups include IHRDC e-Learning as well as SPE training resources
  • Included IHRDC e-Learning contains on average 50 individual course titles per competency model
  • Each IHRDC e-Learning resource launches directly through the LMS
  • Training completion records are recorded in the LMS and transferred to CMS Online
  • Employees can reassess themselves to close competency gaps

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