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Content Overview

For optimum flexibility, Business Essentials courses may be pursued individually, organized into a curriculum, or incorporated into a learning management system to supplement basic business knowledge. The keys topic areas are: Agile, Communications, Creativity and Innovation, Finance, Human Resources Management, International Trade, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Online Learning, Project Management, Project Risk Management, Six Sigma, and Sustainable Management.



These courses explore the methodologies, practices, and tools of the Agile development and explains the key concepts and principles that form the foundation of Agile project management.

Career Building

These courses prepare new graduates to join the professional work environment. From resume writing to interviewing, networking to managing personal finances, these courses teach young professionals the life skills that a traditional education may have left behind.


This series teaches the fundamentals of effective business writing and presentation methods using relevant oil and gas industry examples.

Creativity and Innovation

Just because a job is not in the "creative" field does not mean that creativity and innovation is not necessary. These courses provide methods to develop creativity and innovation for individuals and organizations.

Data Analytics

Modern business software produces mountains of data; it's up to the professional to examine it and draw meaningful conclusions. MindEdge's Data Analytics certificate and coursework will teach the fundamentals of quantitative analysis so that you can read the trends in your spreadsheets to convert them to thoughtful business decisions.


Entrepreneurs can grow their seedling ideas into fully fledged businesses. Some think it's magic, while others understand that entrepreneurial practices and philosophies can be learned. These courses teach anyone with an adventurous spirit how to navigate the waters of entrepreneurship, from ideology to business planning.


With detailed oil and gas industry examples, these finance courses enable non-financial professionals to understand corporate financial fundamentals, read financial statements, and understand what they say about a business.

Human Resources Management

The courses address vital personnel issues, from planning and recruiting to performance management, using examples drawn from the international oil and gas industry.

International Trade

These courses teach learners about finance, marketing, management, and the supply chain on a global scale, knowledge that is required to be successful in the international oil and gas industry.


Being a leader requires the ability to manage people, organizations, and change. These courses provide a foundation in these skills.

Logistics and Supply Chain Operations

Whether you work in manufacturing or service, these operations courses provide the knowledge needed to improve quality, boost customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and streamline operations. You'll be introduced to the tools, techniques and best practices that are proven effective in any business environment.


This series addresses the methods to properly manage a team, taking into account the new realities of contemporary business practices.


Without marketing, companies would not be able to communicate with their customers and clients. These courses explain the fundamentals of marketing, with an emphasis on its function in the oil and gas industry.

Online Learning

These courses examine the tools, techniques and major models used in creating and delivering online learning while reviewing the fundamentals of general learning theory and how it can be applied, in practice, to online design and instruction.

Project Management

Using relevant oil and gas case studies, this series of courses covers both the theory and practice of project management. This series follows the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and prepares learners for the PMBOK exam.

Six Sigma/Lean

This series explains key foundational Six Sigma information, guides students through the five steps of the DMAIC methodology, and demonstrates how a Six Sigma approach can benefit organizations in several diverse industries or business sectors.

Sustainable Management

Sustainability is sometimes perceived as a trend, but it is fast becoming a business reality, for both environmental and business reasons. These courses explore several aspects of Sustainable Management, from ethical, leadership, and economic perspectives.

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