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The Next Generation of Learning

We have been listening carefully to you and your employees to identify trends in learning preferences! About a year ago we asked a selection of our petroleum industry clients to share with us the trends they were seeing in workforce development. And, to our surprise, we heard that the current generation prefers access to targeted learning just when they need it

Not only when they need it, but also easily accessible and brief - each learning nugget should be about 5-8 minutes and available on any device! And in today’s fast-paced environment, no matter where we are in our careers, we can all use this type of targeted learning, right?

So, we went to work. Recently we asked our Instructional Design Team with responding to this new learning trend. They began by searching our major e-Learning resources, which contain over 1,500 e-Learning courses, to find valuable nuggets of knowledge that could be developed into short microlearning units. In a few months, they had built over 6,500 microlearning nuggets— incorporating rich content, video, animation, interactives and knowledge checks—all assembled into a searchable database. We were impressed!

At the same time, our Web Development Team created a responsive and accessible delivery system that makes this microlearning resource available over the web on any device!

Our last design task was to give this unique new product an appropriate name and we chose “Athena”, the Greek goddess of “Wisdom”. The product is officially called IHRDC’s Athena Microlearning.

IHRDC’s Athena Microlearning will strengthen your L&D program by improving learner engagement and quickly closing knowledge gaps. With short, targeted learning that is accessible at any time from any device, it’s easy to use, drives job performance, and enables your people to learn and retain the knowledge. Athena Microlearning delivers just what they need!!

“I think the platform is very useful. It allows you to find the content you need for job related activities and to close competency gaps.”

Romina Yakimczuk
Technical Training Leader, Pan American Energy

Athena Microlearning is Now Available to Demo and to License at Modest Fees
Now, after thorough internal and external testing, this new, exciting resource is available for individuals and organizations to Demo and License.

You and other individuals can now Demo the system and, we hope, license Athena Microlearning at our special introductory fee of $180 per annum for your personal one-year license. Organizations are offered attractive rates for multiple users. See the Demo and License site below. If you have questions or need additional information please contact us at [email protected].

IHRDC's Athena Microlearning Content is Adapted from our Major e-Learning Resources

IPIMS: Upstream Petroleum Technology designed for technical staff working in the Exploration and Production (E&P) sector, the Upstream Petroleum Technology microlearning content covers:

Petroleum Geology
Petroleum Geophysics
Production Equipment and Operations
Drilling Engineering
Production Facilities Design

Well Completion and Stimulation
Reservoir Engineering
Offshore Operations
Formation Evaluation

Petroleum Online: Oil and Gas Business covers the technical, commercial and market aspects of both the oil and gas value chains:

Oil & Gas Industry Overview

- Host Country Agreements
- Petroleum Exploration
- Drilling and Well Completions
- Oilfield Development and Production
- Crude Marketing and Trading

- Transportation and Storage
- Gas Processing, LNG and Markets
- Refining and Petrochemicals
- Marketing & Distribution of Products

O&M: Operations and Maintenance provides O&M fundamentals, HSE as well as how to operate and maintain plants safely and effectively:

O&M Fundamentals
Math & Science

- Electrical
- Instrumentation & Control
- Mechanical

- Analytical Chemistry Operations
- Gas Treatment and Processing
- Oil & Gas Process Operations
- Laboratory Operations
- Power Plant Operation
- Refining Process Technologies

“Awesome product especially for young graduates newly entering the oil and gas business. Ideal for even beyond your field of expertise, for quick research on a topic, background in writing reports and to apply to your daily work assignments.”

Sean Johnson
Manager, Unconventional Resources Evaluation, PetroSA
Interested in seeing Athena Microlearning in action?
You can DEMO and License Athena Microlearning at: www.ihrdc.com/microlearning

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