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IHRDC - International Human Resources Development Corporation

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Competency Management

Methodology and Professional Services

IHRDC offers a time-tested process to build a competent workforce and other services to deliver talent management solutions


Project Planning and Process Design

IHRDC initiates the engagement process with the planning and design phase where we identify our client's strategic goals and learn about our client’s culture and workforce objectives.

Job Analysis and Competency Model Development

IHRDC's competency specialists work in partnership with our client’s technical leaders to perform a job analysis of current positions by reviewing relevant information pertaining to the job. Using IHRDC’s Competency Content Library, our specialists build and customize job-specific competency models and match training resources.


IHRDC's competency assessment process is typically a three-step process that includes an employee Self-Assessment, Supervisor Assessment, and Qualified Assessor Assessment or Verification. It is designed to involve employees so they understand how the process works; ensure supervisors, who are in the best position to assess the employee, give input; and allow a qualified assessor to provide an objective third opinion and help normalize statistical variance across the organization.

Learning and Development

After an employee is assessed and skills gaps identified, a customized individual Learning Plan is developed and implemented to close identified gaps. Once an employee learns the new skills and applies them to the job, they are re-assessed to ensure gaps are closed and, subsequently, their competency profiles are updated to close the gap.

Professional Services

IHRDC's professional services utilize our breadth of experience, disciplined processes, and network of experts to deliver talent management solutions that satisfy each client's unique needs. IHRDC offers a wide range of services to address a company’s learning and development challenges, covering:

  • Competency Management Process
  • Competency Model Development
  • Assessment and Verification
  • Change Management and Communication
  • Recruitment and Training Strategy
  • Succession planning and Career Ladders
  • Training and Development System
  • Content development for both traditional and web-based learning systems

Southeast Asian E&P Company Implementing a Competency Management System from the Ground Up

A mid-sized Southeast Asian E&P company was facing a number of staffing pressures including an aging workforce, rapid growth in the sector, and a large number of inexperienced new hires. Senior management and investors needed assurance that its geotechnical staff possessed the necessary competencies to successfully perform their jobs. In a short time, IHRDC developed a competency management approach for 50 key positions in the functional area and completed employee assessments, which revealed that the target population met less than 50 percent of the desired competency level for the selected jobs. Every employee was provided with an individual development plan consisting of a mix of learning interventions including e-Learning, on-the-job training, and classroom training. Two years later, after reviewing and updating the competency models, we assessed the target population again and saw an increase of more than ten percent in competency levels. New individual development plans were created and we expanded scope of the project to the field operations and business support functions.

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