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Competency Management

Compliance Assurance

With IHRDC's Compliance Module, a company can be assured of the extent to which they comply with its mandatory regulations, including the status of each employee with his individual compliance requirements and the training required to achieve and sustain that compliance. The Compliance Module can be used on its own, or in combination with a competency project. We provide a fully integrated solution that can interface with an existing learning management and human resource information systems. The module is easily updated and expanded to respond to new and changing regulations, and is applicable to all job functions.

The Compliance Module has a range of features that allows supervisors and individuals to easily track compliance status and training requirements:

  • A "snapshot" overview of compliance status via dashboard reports
  • Assigns compliance requirements by role, job title, or question wizard
  • Tailors individual compliance requirements for each employee
  • Sends e-mail alerts on expiring and expired compliance statuses
  • Regulatory reports with person-on-board reporting capability

Division of a Major Oil Company Managing Compliance for a Large Workforce

A division of a major international oil company was searching for a way to streamline the compliance management process for about 2,500 U.S. employees. Its existing system was cumbersome, and required employees to fill out a paper questionnaire, the results of which were manually entered into a spreadsheet. Because the compliance monitoring system was unwieldy, managers were not able to take responsibility for their direct reports. Given the size of the workforce and the need to manage, track, and report compliance status to avoid penalties, the business unit realized that it needed to develop an automated management process.

Using CMS Online’s Compliance Module, the company’s supervisors finally had an easy tool to assign, manage, and administer compliance training requirements across a broad population of employees. The employees, who previously found their compliance requirements confusing and often completed the wrong training, now had a streamlined system to clearly understand their training requirements and directly launch training via the data interface between CMS Online and their Learning Management System (LMS).

As an added benefit, it helped senior management rationalize the amount of compliance training across the business unit to ensure an efficient use of resources—both time and money—to meet their compliance requirements. One senior leader remarked, “This is the first time in my 30 years of employment I can see all my compliance training status—and that of my direct reports—in one place.”

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