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During IHRDC’s 50 years of serving the oil and gas industry, we have developed innovative learning solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations. That tradition continues with our competency content library, which represents the broadest, most comprehensive industry-standard set of competency models available in the oil and gas industry today. Whether you seek to license our standard competency models and use them off the shelf or plan to customize them for your own organization, this database is the best place to start!


  • 570 competency models covering all industry job areas from Upstream to Downstream
  • 2,500+ competency units grouped into libraries
  • Four-level proficiency scale: Awareness, Basic Application, Skilled Application, and Mastery
  • Four to seven skill definitions per proficiency level per competency unit to create robust standard
  • Updated and revised bi-annually to ensure alignment with industry standard
  • Used in IHRDC’s CMS Online or uploaded into client’s existing software systems (i.e. LMS)

In addition to the IHRDC competency models, IHRDC has also built models for the Society of Petroleum Engineers and Society of Exploration Geophysicists, and, as the owner of their intellectual property, IHRDC can license these models for use within your organization. Finally, IHRDC has aligned a selection of our models to the Scottish Qualifications Authority standards, which enable candidates, when assessed by a qualified assessor to receive a Scottish Vocational Qualification.



Large E&P Company Using IHRDC’s Library to Build a Competency Framework

A large exploration and production company with operations in North America and Africa was growing rapidly, adding hundreds of employees a year. They needed to develop a structured training program to establish globally consistent job requirements tied to the overall corporate strategy. Having already licensed and deployed a Learning Management System (LMS) with competency assessment capability, the company decided to license IHRDC's established Competency Library to build a standard foundation. After loading the IHRDC Competency Library into the client’s LMS, IHRDC helped it create customized competency models and match them with the appropriate training resources. By using IHRDC’s Competency Library to populate an existing system and linking these competencies to training, the company was able to save costs in training, staffing, and IT support.

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