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Competency Management

CMS Online - Overview

CMS Online, IHRDC’s proprietary competency management, assessment, and reporting tool is an on-line solution, which includes all the data from competency models; employee, supervisor, and qualified assessor assessments; individual learning plans; and training results. CMS Online can stand alone or be integrated into existing learning management or human resource systems to make data available to supervisors and employees and ensure long-term sustainability to meet corporate policies and goals.

CMS Online provides every user with the tools they need to manage their competency development and compliance activities. The system tracks assessments, course completion, reassessment, and compliance status on a variety of levels—from the individual, to the employees in a job area, to the entire company.

Product Features:

Integrated capabilities
Competency models, assessment and verification tools, compliance regulations, and training resources all in one place.

Comprehensive reporting
Customized reports on assessment results, individual learning plans, course completion and reassessment tracking, time and resource estimation, and compliance status.

Easily accessible management views
Management views within the system range from macro to micro: from the entire workforce, to a job area, to a single individual.

Employee views
Individuals can see their job requirements, assessment results, Individual Learning Plan, learning and development schedule, and career growth path.

Management Reports

Management Dashboard
Job Area Reporting
Advanced Reporting


Individual Reports

Individual Competency Profile
Assessment and Assurance
Learning and Development

National Oil Company using CMS Online to Create a Competent Workforce

Seeking to accelerate new hire competency development and overall workforce competency levels, the E&P division of a fully integrated national oil company made a strategic decision to implement a competency management system. With a workforce involved in domestic upstream oil and gas projects and an expanding portfolio of overseas projects, having a workforce that possesses the technical requirements to successfully operate international E&P projects was vital. IHRDC implemented a full-scale competency management system by building competency models, developing employee and supervisor assessments, and creating learning plans for 500 employees, for both technical and business positions. Two years after the initial project, IHRDC completed a re-assessment of the workforce. By using CMS Online for both rounds of assessments, senior management could clearly determine its current competency levels, measure its progress in eliminating competency gaps, identify the competencies that needed further development, and update individual learning plans.

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