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IHRDC - International Human Resources Development Corporation

A Worldwide Leader in Oil and Gas Training - Since 1969

President's Note

A Message from the President

David A. T. Donohue, President

Thank you for visiting our Web Site.
In reviewing our products and services, you will find an innovative company that has been serving the changing needs of the international oil, gas and power industry since 1969. (IHRDC History)

Better Prepared for the Challenges Ahead

Making sure your employees have the knowledge and skills they need to safely and effectively do their jobs is an ongoing process that takes commitment, careful planning, and access to in-depth learning opportunities.

For the oil and gas industry - a sector where there are often no second chances - it has always been important to invest wisely in training and competency development. But these days, a shrinking workforce, competition for recruits, talent retention issues, advances in technology, and the unique challenges of workforce nationalization make access to proven and innovative learning solutions even more critical.

For over 40 years, International Human Resources Development Corporation (IHRDC) has been a worldwide leader in training and competency development for the oil and gas industry. Our commitment to offering the best Instructional Programs, e-Learning Solutions, and Competency Management available stems from a core belief that people who work in the oil and gas industry provide critical services to society. Not only are they responsible for managing and operating projects that require large capital investments, they also share in the collective responsibility to satisfy the world's daily energy needs. Because your employees play such important roles, they need and deserve the best training and support they can get.

In the end we, at IHRDC, understand that the better our industry's workforce is prepared for the challenges that lie ahead, the brighter the future looks for the rest of us.

David A. T. Donohue PhD, JD

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