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HR Processes, Competency Development and Change Management Program

September 22 – October 3, 2014


This program is ideal for anyone who seeks a firm grounding in the HR challenges facing the international oil and gas industry today and the ways in which the HR can contribute to implementing strategic plans including the management of change typically required to implement these plans successfully.


For detailed information on each unit of this program, please access the Unit 1 and Unit 2 tabs above.


This program is designed specifically for mid- to senior- managers and supervisors from all sectors of the oil and gas industry who wish to enhance their competencies in HR management areas.


  • David A. T. Donohue, PhD, JD
  • Bentley Beaver, MBA
  • Robert H. Meyer, MA
  • Kevin Rohan, MBA
  • Joseph Schechtman, MS
  • Carol Ann Sharicz, PhD
  • Robert W. Taylor, MS

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